Dockerized Databases with Sinatra

In this part of my Learning Docker series, we are going to look at databases and see how they can be used with Docker. The goal is to create a development environment that can be used with our Sinatra app.

How to set up Sinatra with ActiveRecord

In my series Learning Docker, I document my steps to use Sinatra with Docker. Part of this journey is to set up Sinatra with a database, and because I love ActiveRecord I want to use it as well. In this post, I am going to show you how to do that.

Making Docker an art with Compose

After bundling Sinatra in a Docker container in the first part of my Learning Docker series, let’s look at orchestration with docker-compose now. This is the foundation of the multi-container environment we want to build. Get this right, and adding a database is just two lines of code. Sounds interesting, right?

Dockerizing Sinatra

This is the first post in my series Learning Docker with Sinatra. We start by building a simple Sinatra app that just serves a single endpoint with some static content. Then, we build a Docker container around it. In the next parts of the series, we will be adding a database and orchestration.

Learning Docker with Sinatra

In this series, I want to take a look at Docker and how to use it to deploy a JSON API powered by Sinatra. In the future, this container will be the foundation for a microservice in one of my projects.